Meet the Team

Brynn Byerly, Owner

"The Brains Behind The Scenes"

C U E THE CONFETTI! You've now entered the mind of a self-diagnosed former workaholic turned entrepreneur who is just trying to find her balance in this crazy thing called LIFE! Who am I kidding? Still a workaholic...but getting much better at it! My passion is....well, anything that makes money, to be honest. That's the entrepreneur in me. I used to think I would thrive best with multiple projects going on at once, but I'm learning to love the more subdued path of less chaos...if that can even be a thing when you own your own business! One thing I can't deny, though, is my ability to turn the mundane into something beautiful. Whether it be furniture in our store, a room in a client's house, or one of the many houses my husband and I renovate to sell. Oh my husband? Yeah, that's my partner in crime. My A1 since day one. My highschool sweetheart who has made Salvaged {and all my dreams!} possible from the very beginning. I owe it all to him. Anyways, so happy to have you all here with us! Salvaged has been a blessing. We have weathered all the small business storms. We've grown with support from our local community, and since you're reading this..we're growing because of you, too! Thank you will never be enough.

Michelle Long, Owner

"Merchandising Diva"

I am Michelle Long, co-owner of Salvaged. I am a self-acclaimed decorating diva, designer, and creative goddess! Before I voted myself those titles, I was voted Best Daydreamer in high school. My teachers were right and I have not stopped daydreaming or dreaming yet! As a small girl I dreamed of being a fashion designer, artist, wedding planner and florist. I yearned to work in an environment where I could express myself creatively. Fast forward 100 years later and I landed in Lewes, Delaware where I merchandise, design and stage my very own store! My days are filled with refinishing furniture with the world best chalk paint, setting up vignettes, merchandising and making design dreams come true for my customers. My store is my passion and I feel most alive decorating, designing and being creative. Stop by and see what I’m up to in Salvaged and let’s turn your home into your dream space.

Katelyn Schoof

"The Perfectionist"

Hey, I'm Kate! Just a Delaware born and raised girl, forever chasing new dreams. When you don’t see me around the store you are likely to catch me spending time with my dogs. My passion for making a house feel like a home runs deep, I can’t wait to help you create your perfect space!

Erin Winner

"Our Go-To Girl"

Hey guys, it's Erin! I’m a transplant from PA but have called Lewes home for almost 13 years now. I am a busy mom of five and happily married to “my person”. I have been painting my own furniture since I was 18 and was always so impressed with the transformation that took place with a little effort. My dad was a woodworker so my love and appreciation for finely made furniture came naturally and early. So here I am all these years later working with these strong, like minded women creating what we hope is a beautiful, inspirational space for you to shop and make your home feel the same.

Vicky Goddard

"Mama Vicky"

Hello, this is Vicky! I moved to Delaware six years ago to help my daughter Michelle with my new grandson, Owen. That's where my loyalty stands, with Michelle and Owen. I joined the team about 3 years ago and they took me in as "Mama Vicky". Brynn, Michelle, Kate, and Erin have taught me so much about furniture and clothes, but God gave me personality...and I love everyone I meet! I can't wait to meet YOU next time you shop Salvaged.