Our Story

It all started...

Salvaged was originally born inside of our {Brynn + Richard} home garage in 2012! Yes, you can clearly tell from the 10 year old photos that phone cameras have gotten much better...along with our design choices! Back then, Richard and I both had full time careers and our "little furniture business" was just a side hustle. And HUSTLE we did! We attended local markets, sold on Etsy and Facebook, and rented booth spaces at various antique stores...one being in Hagerstown, MD where we would drive 3+ hours each way after getting off work at night - set up our space - and drive back home in the wee hours of the morning to make it back to work that morning. We bought a trailer and managed our own deliveries, as far as right off Times Square in New York City! It was a lot of work. It was draining. It seemed never-ending sometimes. But the memories that Richard and I created together as a newly married couple, will forever be worth all the work and sleepless nights.

Not long after we began working out of our garage and running around to stock booths, I quickly realized we needed a space of our very own. From that moment, my mission was to land our first retail space. Fast forward between a lot of searching, and we finally landed on the same location we are still in! Cue the entrance of my partner, Michelle :) Salvaged resides in a pretty "unique" space. And by unique, I mean a building that encompasses several different spaces with multiple entrances that kinda makes no sense...but also makes sense, know what I mean?!

A match made in heaven...

Anyways, the retail space I rented was vacant so we could move
right in and begin renovations, but in the same building was a local market that housed booth spaces for different local vendors...and Michelle had recently opened her own painted furniture business there known as Mother Love! It was a match made in heaven. She had recently moved from Maryland and was looking to, as I like to say, get her groove back. We chatted over a bottle of wine...and that was all it took. Though Michelle and I are very different people, we compliment each other very well. We play off each other's strengths and weaknesses and there is no doubt about it, we make an incredible team. 

Not long after Richard and I opened the retail space to the public, we
closed back down to complete the merge with Michelle and the rest is
really history! Since then, we have endured all the ups and downs of
owning a small business. We could write a book on our experiences, but I'll leave that for our next adventure!

10 years in and most days it feels like we're just getting started.
Hopefully you'll continue to be a part of our journey because there is
so much more coming for your favorite local home furnishings store,

S A L V A G E D!